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What do you want? To see my site? That's nice. Why you talkin to me? Look at the damn site!

hillarious pic's
Those Damn cats!
<-South Park->


Hello and welcome to the DUR page!! Please make yourself at home. At home? Don't you hate it when people say, "Make yourself at home?" Like WTF! It's not my house, and i sure as hell don't plan on buying it off you. It's a piece of shit anyways!

Back to Dur...Dur dur...dur... well in french it means (still not telling you). But we did think we had made it up ourselves. It seemed like a funny word at the time. Steve claims to say he made it up (BS).

Who here likes kickin little kids through windows? Anyone? Come on have you even tried it? Very good to calm your nerves. JK Never kill little kids. They may be small but someone once said they will somehow become the people of tomorrow Just the thought of that makes me sick... Aiden... the presedent...uh....

Who know's who Micheal Jackson is. Anyone? Never make contact with this indavigual.Why? Some things are better not answered... :S

Now rememer kids, stay away from Micheal Jackson or he'll do this to you!


this is why...

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