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What do you want? To see my site? That's nice. Why you talkin to me? Look at the damn site!

hillarious pic's
Those Damn cats!
<-South Park->

Welcome person i do not know who you are and I don't care who you are, but welcome to!

Welcome to (if you didn't already know that your screwed up JK) and many people are gonna help me on this site! It is my third site and am happy to be continuing my work. You will find a lot of random dur here. See? Wasn't that random? Dur dur... What" I should have called it Hell no! What the dur is wrong with you?! This is a site for smart people! DUR! Well, the challenged smart people... like me! Okay anyways, enjoy your stay and have fun. Actually, i hate you go away.

Dur is a very very stupid word that I thought was made up. Apparently in french it means- ok I'm not telling you! Cause, you suck! Just kidding! Your an alright person. But I'm still not telling you! >D

Hey! My names Lt.Onatopp. But you can call me, Lt. Onatopp. is welcoming you with no care whatsoever